Thursday, December 23, 2010

Google & Youtube - Summary in Points - Trip to Pakistan

Team from Google & Youtube visited in earlier dates of December 2010 to Pakistan to explore the resources, means & opportunities. Below is the summary of points they have highlighted.

- Internet connectivity is quite low
- Opportunities of growth are numerous
- Broadband Costs are quite cheap then other part of the World
- Smart-phones usage is on rise
- Growing number of Pakistani developers
- 60% of Pakistani have mobile phone
- Average cellular bill around Rs.255.00 Per Month - US$3.00
- SMS is Primary Means of Communication
- Amount of Local Pakistani content available on Internet such as Coke Studio 
- Coke Studio Channel ranked 11th in Last Summer
- Dozens of news organizations have begun to use YouTube as a global distribution platform
- Pakistanis using Google technology to document the flood and connect with one another during the crisis
- Pakistan’s future no doubt lies with its youth—an incredible 62% of Pakistanis are under the age of 25

This was in the end they said "This was the largest delegation of Googlers ever to visit Pakistan, and we’re looking forward to continued engagement in the region."

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