Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Google+ Project – A Social Network

Ok, Facebook you have a competitor!!! a big one. Pretty much sure that with the fact of Facebook having 700 million users in his hand, it must have start thinking against Google+ project which is a new social network entering into existing market, where we already find numerous networks available.

Google self contains millions of users too and it will not be that difficult to bring them in it's new project at one place. Already we are hearing about it, it has spread like a fire in human's social circle.

The next big social network is a question mark?? Facebook or Google+

Here you can have a demo of what actually is coming for you Click here

It is not yet available for open public; apply for an invitation or someone you know using it can invite you. To apply for invitation Click here

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Monday, June 13, 2011

What is iOS 5 from Apple ??

iOS 5 is an upcoming new firmware for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. As previous trends states, every new series of firmware brought in a hike in the Apple’s market. Such as iOS 3, iOS 4 and now iOS 5 have the same capability of increasing market share for Apple products.

Apple have a very good collection of information department, which surveys the market trend, users demand, users requirements and comply the information together and bring up an awaiting firmware of the new release.

Summary of the new features provided in iOS 5 are listed for users to find them at one place:

· New vision in the notifications appearance and performance, slide to notify have been integrated which we have already seen in the Androids. The annoying pop-up notification is over now.

· Newsstand is a new application added in the permanent icons, which is similar to iBooks but exclusively for magazines & periodicals.

· Twitter has now been officially integrated in the firmware, will be available on almost icons possible, such as take a snap, directly tweet it then and there.

· A new Safari is now available. Tabs are added, performance been faster, save pages for offline viewing.

· Reminder application is now official, easy to-do notes and reminders list. It even has further magic with location based features.

· Camera shutter button integrated in the + volume button. A shortcut of camera in the lock screen mood is integrated for quick snap of pictures when required. Editing of pictures is also a feature in the camera.

· Mail application upgraded, quite many upgrades in the features

· Requirement of PC and iTunes are no more. A great and advance step by Apple. Your device will set-up. All updates installation will be over the Air.

· Game center with old style but new upgrade features.

· iMessage a pain/hurt to RIM Blackberry for its blackberry messenger. Apple brought in its default message application which will connect all the Apple products user together with just a firmware update.

· Gestures integrated officially, from sliding up multitask bar, or more from app to app.

· iTunes sync via Air with Wi-Fi

· Rename your device name directly from phone as it was done via iTunes before

· Map printing directly from iPhone via Wi-Fi Printer

· Social Network Services like Twitter, Facebook etc can be added to contacts account.

· 1080p Video Playback now available in iOS 5

· Songs can now get directly deleted from the Library

· Call logs can now be managed and editable, log for specific contact history individually can be deleted now.

· Panoramic Photo Feature is expected to be available in the firmware as some signs highlights it.

· Marking multiple emails and stating them as Read is now available.

· LED flashlight alerts for receiving calls. Flash light will blink for it.

· Emails can be flagged in Mail.

· Officially now Facetime to work over 3G networks too.

· Emoticons are now integrated as we use to see it via bitesms.

· Unsecured call alerts.

· Dictionary Integrated

· Safari browser gets Private Browsing

· Message notifications can be customized and fitted as per need.

· Custom Vibration for Calls received is available.

· Create your shortcuts for sentences such as TY for Thank you to be printed.

· iPod icon changed and renamed to Music

· Youtube will have option to play HighQuality HQ videos

· Nuance Voice recognition

· Volume up button in headphones will take a snap from camera as well

Etc, etc etc ….

In the keynote Apple stated, new firmware is coming with 200+ updates/features. As far as I could found and list them for people to have a summary of what we are actually going to feel in the upcoming days are listed above, I might have missed some, but as said above 200+ are available.

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