Thursday, February 17, 2011

Facebook - You are not seeing Everything you should

Have you ever noticed a post, a article, a video or a link which you lately see, is been shared by some of your friends and it didn't even went through your eyes ?? Do they have privacy over you ?? such thoughts arise right ??

Have you ever felt you are been notified in your Newsfeed from the same people lately ?? are other friends of yours sleeping or not using their account ??

Have you ever felt that the same circle of people are commenting and liking your post ??? Ohhh damn others don't like what you share ??

Ahh relax nothing is wrong, we all love you, its just a new tool of Facebook which people aren't aware of (exception for those who are already aware)

The new Newsfeed by default is automatically set on to show only posts from people who you have recently interacted or the most interacted peoples from past few weeks.

Therefore you just need to follow few steps and everything will roll over your Newsfeed, much better for the stalkers.

Step.1 - In your Newsfeed click on the downwards small arrow

Step.2 - Then click on *Edit Options* in end.

Step.3 - Change Show posts from: "friends and pages you interact with the most" TO "All of your friends and pages"

After saving you will actually see, what is actually going around with your friends, even the ones your in less fb terms.

We still have to share this as much as possible for the friends who have not enabled this feature or else they won't be able to hear from you unless you have a recent interaction with them.


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