Friday, March 25, 2011

A Fence Made from Road Signs

Another creativity found and highlighted by Instructables is the Fence which was created by hundreds of Road Signs. I was impressed with the idea they have brought in and how beautifully they have designed the creation.

Rather than old signs being wasted, it was a big step to re-use the items in a productive and constructive way. You all know how hard the material of the road signs are so therefore you could imagine the protectiveness of the Fence.

It was constructed by the students of Youthbuild adjacent to their campus.The local county and state highway engineering offices donated old road signs, which we then cut, sanded, filed, and drilled to create pickets.

Have a look how beautifully the are designed with perfections.

Easy Gardener 6050 DeerBlock 7-by-100-Foot Netting
Suncast GVF24 Grand View Fence, White
North States Superyard Classic XT Gate Play Yard
Wooden Expanding Expandable Fence Gate perfect for blocking kids or pets!

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