Wednesday, April 6, 2011

40 Gigapixel Record Set For World's Largest Indoor Photo

Jeffrey Martin, a Photographer and founder of 360cities, who is 34 years old makes the World's Record of Largest Indoor Photo of 868 years old Strahov monastery library. He clicked and clicked each and every spot of the library to create this Panorama.

As everyone I could not believe it until I self studied on what actually happened here. The Panorama is of 40 Gigapixel which is 40,000 Megapixel; (280,000 x 140,000 pixels), made up of 2947 images which were then joined together to create this huge creativity. Mr. Martin used: Canon 550D and 200mm lens; print size 23m x 11m; stitched file size 280GB cut into 85000 tiles for web publishing and took over 111 hours to stitch together.

You cannot miss to view it yourself to actually feel what incredibility it has in it - Click here -> 360 Cities

[Gizmodo via 360 Cities via Wired via TechCrunch]

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