Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Google+ Project – A Social Network

Ok, Facebook you have a competitor!!! a big one. Pretty much sure that with the fact of Facebook having 700 million users in his hand, it must have start thinking against Google+ project which is a new social network entering into existing market, where we already find numerous networks available.

Google self contains millions of users too and it will not be that difficult to bring them in it's new project at one place. Already we are hearing about it, it has spread like a fire in human's social circle.

The next big social network is a question mark?? Facebook or Google+

Here you can have a demo of what actually is coming for you Click here

It is not yet available for open public; apply for an invitation or someone you know using it can invite you. To apply for invitation Click here

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  1. all i want to say is that where is my email id with the domain of artistic roof...remember u said u will make one...!!! plz do the need full on urgent basis.


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